Portfolio Category: Client Programs

Work Order Program

This is a work order screen for a machining company. It has been customized to show detailed information about each machining operation. Run times, setup times and lead-times in hours and days has been calculated to assist in the Scheduling of shop activity and machine loading. The ability to view current Inventory and the Drawing…
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Quote/Order Management Program

This screen shows a list of quotes for a high volume manufacturing company. The core information for each quote is shown including the related OrderID once received. Filters can be applied to see quotes for a specific timeframe. Double clicking on a quote shows the detailed technical and logistic information. Orders generated from this screen…
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Sample screen for a computer sales company. Invoices can be viewed or created on this screen. Product is Categorized and priced in the system and selected by the sales staff. Customers can be selected by Contact name or Company name. Using the right/left arrows, invoices can be quickly reviewed. Payment can be applied to any…
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